Monday, March 8, 2010

J & B

Jaxon loves to hold Bridget. So when he does he annouces that he wants to & then runs to the couch in preparation. This time after I set her next to him he said take a picture.

(this is a good picture to see how big she is for being 4 1/2 mo. Jax is just a little bit over 2 1/2 yrs! She's such a chubby bunny girl)

This was Jaxons and Bridgets first bath together...she loved it! He like when she kicked her feet and splashed him. It makes me happy they enjoy each other so much.

Last month we were watching a family for a couple of days. One day while Jax was supposed to be laying down for a nap, I went in to check on him because the fan that I use to have white noise was turned off. I went into the room...he wasn't on the bed where I had left him after stories...he wasn't on his bed on the floor...he wasn't in bridgets pack in play... I couldn't find him! I was asking him where he was and usually in his games of hide and seek he makes it easy by saying..."I right here." But there was no response, I was then a little worried. I started to hear him breathing and began to look around the room...I wouldn't have thought there was anywhere to hide. The little rascal had fallen asleep behind the pot of a tree in the room. When I first found him you couldn't see the top of his head, just a little bit of his hand down by the face, but when I came back with the camera he had adjusted. But too funny, he feel asleep hiding!

Potty training master!

Jaxon is totally awesome. 2 weeks ago Jax finally decided he was ready to start using the potty.

Back in September he wanted to do it because his buddy Lily was training. Will and I were excited to possibly get it out of the way before Bridget came. We bought the potty & we couldn't get it out fast enough. He sat down and peed. That was that, then he didn't want anything to do with it. So we put away the potty and pulled it out a few times since then and had no luck. One day I decided we were going to do it and he peed on the floor 3 times in 2 hours and kept saying, "I don't want to pee in the potty!"
A couple of weeks ago, HE decided to go for it! A few things contributed to his desire to become a big boy...
1. NO Chuckie Cheese until he was wearing big boy underwears and filled up his first chart. (I've been telling him we can't go to see Chuckie until we is wearing big boy underwears for about 6 months! All of the commercials help to taunt him, haha.)
2. He couldn't have his sheriff car from the movie cars until he pooped in the potty.
3. his diapers were getting snug = uncomfortable, I just didn't buy him the bigger size...hehe. That way he understood that he was getting too BIG for his diapers. He was in a 4. He started to not want to wear them.
Since he wanted to give it try to beable to go see Chuckie, get his Sheriff car, and wear underwears, NOT diapers...we had a NAKIE day! He loved it :) To my surprise when ever he needed to go he ran, sat down and went...piece of cake! There were a couple of days that he would hold his poop and go at night in his pullup...that was not ok with me. I then told him that he's pooping in his underwears and that is gross and not ok and if he did it again..."I'll put you in a cold shower." dun-dun-dunnnn.....I guess that is scary for him, because he got big eyes and said..."o'tay I not poop in my pullup...I not poop in my underwears."
He is such a superstar!! In 2 wks we've ONLY had 3 accidents, none of which happened while out and about, thank goodness. He wears underwear for his nap...i know, pretty awesome. The last four nights hes kept his pull up dry at night. We've made a new chart, that if he keeps it up three weeks he can go pick out a new toy...hes very excited. So whenever he see a commercial for something he wants and says "I got to have that mom!" I simply reply, if you keep your underwears dry at nap and bed time you can buy it at the store! hes so excited :) I guess if you wait till they want to, potty training isn't so bad...knock on wood.
(he wouldn't pose for a picture, he was too excited)
(Yes, that is Will up in the tunnels with jax)
they encourage parents to cruise the tunnels too...we were the only ones :) on a very busy day...surprising, the tunnels are fun! Will didn't fit so good ;)
Needless to say going potty around here at the McKay house is praise worthy...I even get a high five and a "good job mom!" for my efforts...He's such a sweet boy. Today Bridget had a blowout...which is at least an every other day occurance, and Jax told me that she had to have a cold shower. haha, I told him that shes too little, but when she gets big like him she will...
"Oh, o'tay"
Jax with his "Potty Cake!"

Monday, February 15, 2010

I hope you weren't holding your breath! haha.

Christmas at Seaside, OR

Ginger bread houses

One of my least favorite thing is choose which pictures to post...I'll probably post some more later of the '09 holiday season :) but these will do for now.

Sunday Montage (from a couple weeks ago)

Its so heart warming to watching Jaxon play with Bridget. She LOVES him and is so content when he is near. When I think that she might be annoyed with him smothering her...she starts to giggle. Jaxon adores her and is very attentive to her needs. He likes to soothe and comfort her. He gets her toys and tells her..."it be alright sister, it be alright" He's such a sweet boy. Its amazing how understanding he is at such a young age of her needs and when I need to sometimes cut things short with him to help or feed her. I am very lucky to have such an awesome little boy.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Its not halloween

haha, so finally something other than my Halloween pictures :)....I've had this typed for over a week and am now posting it...(I'll post the pictures soon at least I'm getting this part done :) )

Its amazing how having two kids just seems to fall into place. Before having Bridget I used to wonder how it was going to be having 2 of my own. (like all the time) Its not too bad. I hope this is how it is as you keep building a family. I am pretty blessed to have such easy going kids. Having a manageable routine helps... the days when I get a call that we are going to show the house and it throws off the routine...I get stressed. But again luckily, Jaxon is a trooper and is content watching Cars, Toy Story, or Incredibles while I scurry around the house getting it ready. Bridget is the sweetest chubby bunny ever! We all LOVE her! Lately I have been having anxiety about not giving her a middle name. (I know kinda silly) But originally I wasn't planning on giving this little girl a middle name and then when it happened that she was born on my grandmas birthday...I thought it would have been fun to give her my grandma name (Roma) as the middle or a nickname that my dad called me and my grandma (Jean). At the hospital I hadn't decided yet and it was making me sweat...literally. The nurse kept saying that I had to figure it out 'cause she had to finish the paperwork stuff in order to check me out. I found out after the fact that I didn't have to finalize her name so quickly. I was so torn, with all the excitement of her arrival and the stress of finalizing her name...I couldn't decide. At the time I was happy without her having a middle name, because I didn't have a middle name, my mom, Wills mom didn't either. But off and on over the last couple of months I keep thinking I should have made Jean her middle name. I've looked to see if I can change it, but I think I have to have to file it with the court and pay a bunch of I think I just have to live with it. It will make a good story for her when she gets older, that her mom was having hot flashes over her middle silly, right? Its pretty cool that she and Jaxon were both born on my Dads parents birthdays. (Jaxon on my grandpas and Bridget on my grandmas)

We still have our house for sale, we've been close to a couple of offers but have lost out to houses in Richland...errrr. I hate this waiting game. I keep the house pretty clean, but when I get a call to show it, I'm pretty OCD on getting it sparkly clean. The positive side is that it seems like we have professional cleaners coming all the time, but really it from the sweat of my own brow. Before we were selling the house I used to tell Jaxon we had to clean up the house to make the house "Happy." So now when I get the house super clean, he always says, "wow mom, the house is happy! make it happy mom" it sounds so cute from him. :)

Speaking of cute things Jaxon says...getting ready for a nap, after we've already read a bunch of books, "read me elmo book mom," "Jax, its time for you nap, no more books" "Just read me the elmo book mom, last one." "you want me to read you the elmo one?" "ok, you can mom."

With Will Christmas eve @4 am "Jaxon you need to go back to bed" "but daddy I can't...the presents!"

Whenever I ask Jaxon what he wants to eat he says, "just chocolate" or "Just cookies"....hmmm, I wonder where he got that from. I think I need to be a better example.

Kids are so stinkin' cute, some of the cutest things he says happen when I shouldn't laugh or smile. I love he is starting to do imaginative play on his own. He likes play duh alot and one day he was flying a piece around saying "come on, vamanos, you want me to take you to your family?"

We spent Christmas with Will's family on the Oregon Coast @ Seaside, it was so much more fun than we expected...we had sunny days and fun people to play with. The pool was outdoors and heated so, jaxon "just" wanted to go swimming all the time. We had fun playing on the beach. Jaxon loved walking up to the waves and then running away from them with Alex and Beth. Santa found us there and brought all of us exciting new things. Jaxon's favorite toy was his buzz lightyear!! After that nothing else mattered. When we got home and got out his other toys he was super excited all over again. It was great to have Derrick, Michelle and their two kids around for a little bit. Jaxon LOVED playing with his cousins!!! He can't wait till they come again soon. Too funny and kinda gross...Jaxon and Daphne were eating cutie oranges together and she had juice dripping down her chin and he licked it off! "Jaxon, don't lick her face!" They thought it was funny.

It seems like a lot of blogging post worthy things have happened since halloween, I have just been too lazy and BUSY to post them. so here they are: (pictures coming soon)

-we had a yummy thanksgiving here in Washington with Will's family
-Bridgets Blessing, I made her dress which was fun to do.

-we made gingerbread houses, thank you Ali for the great recipe!!!
-we got a new car.
- my cute kids growing way too fast !!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween!

He Loved that his costume had a tail!

1st bath

Play time with big brother

Within the last couple of weeks...

Before Bridget arrived we took Jaxon to the Prosser Hot Air Balloon night show. He LOVED riding the pony, he kept saying "yeeha!" After his pony ride we got some pizza and took it over to the stadium and found a spot on eat and watch the set up. It was a fun family night and so cool to see the balloons.

Jax found Will officiating hat in its case and was walking around the house saying, "I go to the game mom...bye."

The week before I delivered.

the night before I had Bridget...We decided to clean out the car, when Will came in to check on Jax..."Jax where are you?" "I eating chocolate!" Little sneaker found this bag in the pantry, he made a chocolate mess! He did look super cute :)

Will got to play doctor...he liked it so much that he was figuring out how much more school he would have to complete to switch careers...I laughed at him, he'd be about the age to retire before he'd finish :)...sorry honey;)

I don't really remember if I had the "shakes" with Jaxon, but after i delivered Bridget i had some serious shakes!! So they bundled me up, the shakes are so crazy weird!

Bridget was a cubby bunny face! with lots of pretty DARK hair. She weighed 8lbs 4ozs.

She is such a blessing to have in our family and we all LOVE her! We are so grateful that we had a smooth delivery and no problems after...I am truly blessed!